Saturday, May 31, 2014

When LOVE is the only card to play

Love, love, love: this word carries so many different connotations to every person.  It carries a lot of weight in the world we live in, but often seems veiled, distorted, circumstantial or temporary.
I went to a Switchfoot concert this past March and Jon Foreman noted that, "sometimes the only card you are able to play is Love" in reference to human interaction.  This strikes a chord as I contemplate how to act around people in my life, but in reality, this principle can be applied to every person we encounter.  What does it mean to simply Love?  This is an act so complex, so intimidatingly profound, that sometimes I think--maybe without even recognizing it--we not only seek out different points of interest for a given situation (arguing, persuading, joking, putting up a façade, etc.), but I also wonder if there's a deeper issue.
Maybe we feel incapable to love in the way that we feel is needed, like its too risky... like we don't have it in us, like our feeble hearts can't yet fully comprehend the Love of God so how can we give it away?
Oh, but if we just took a look at our very DNA, we would see how lifeless we would be if we didn't have this Love pouring into us from a never-ending supply.
I find myself often scared to open up to others in a way that is outright loving, because it feels too risky.
What if I don't say what God would be saying to them?/I don't want things to get awkward.../The direction our relationship is going will eventually get to the point where I can show them this Love.-->
But The Lord above has granted us the ability to Love others.  And even through our half-hearted, corrupted nature, somehow Jesus is able to graciously show himself to others through our Loving and Sacrificial actions, if we allow Him.
More than anything in this world--any remedy, any medicine, any philosophy--people need to know they are Loved and have the ability to Love.  I find this so crucial to withhold and often feel convicted having let opportunities to Love and feel Loved slip under the radar.
So here are some take-away points that I have discovered about Love, this ocean deep and Kingdom-wide concept that's understanding is limitless, but oh so important to delve into:

1. Love is receiving + giving.
I always feel so alive when I give away myself to projects, blog posts, and work for others; I believe I was made to Love.

2. To Love is to believe sincerely + simply in Jesus' gracious and merciful Love to us.
God gave His only Son so I could live freely, without fear of judgment.  In Him I find belonging, and through that security, I can walk confidently into situations and experiences and find courage to Love.

3. Gentleness does not entail weakness.
How powerful is a witness that is persevering and uplifting?  I have found the importance of having an attitude of Love that stems from a spirit of helpfulness rather than a judgment call into obedience.

I hope to continue to find the bravery from Christ to Love in all ways... especially when it is not warranted and when it is not easy.  Love has the power to change, transform, and grow.
"Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things." 1 Corinthians 13:7


  1. "Gentleness does not entail weakness." Perfectly phrased! Love the verse at the end too. <3

  2. Oaklee, you are so sweet-thank you dear!