Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Why a Blog, Why Now, + Why Graciouspace

Am I just another collegiate, white female with feelings and emotions?  Am I just another blogger in this generation of information-spreading, opinion-spreading gossip and glorification? I know that does not define who I am.  I know that I am a child of God and I want to follow my Father wherever He would lead me.  What is the will of God for my life?--not sure what 10 years has in store for me or if I will live to see 10 more years.  But I do know this, friends: If I entrust my spirit, my insecurities, my fears, and dedicate my feeble and weak knees to being strengthened by Jesus Christ every morning, I AM in the will of God.  And what refreshing news that is to a heart like mine.  So why not try this blogging thang?  What do I have to lose from this experience, and moreover, what can I gain from this experience?

By investing in my thoughts and investing in my heart’s ponderings, I hope to share and document them with those around me.
Because who knows why these thoughtful ponderings come into my heart and brain for “such a time as this”?

Grace is something I will never fully understand—but it is something I am intrigued and perplexed by.  Its gentle consistency, its ever-presence, its Divinely-redeeming qualities are something I cannot get over.

Along those same lines: How do we create a metric for spiritual growth?
I don’t want to sit here and flesh out all the things that I excel in and fall short of—as if I have any almost-worthy place standing in the sight of our merciful Lord Jesus.
The truth (in my mind) of the matter is that “we all fall short of the glory of God”.  And I could be excelling in these areas and failing in them the next minute.  The idea for me is that we are ALWAYS GROWING.  Once I have seen the face of God, I have been changed forever.

I see the journey with Christ as one that is a steady progression upward toward Him.  Each step I take may not be a steady incline, such like a staircase, but I am going deeper in my faith as I allow Him to work through the issues in my life, as they bubble to the surface through various life circumstances.

So, for my walk with God, it is a Gracious pace.  Of growth, of learning truth, of seeking righteousness, of loving others.  And with that comes the opportunity to make space for Jesus in my life--in my weaknesses, throughout my day, and through the people, places and things around me.

Here's to a leap of faith + courage--because every leap gives a little variation to my pace and reminds me that I have always loved to dance.


  1. You're too awesome! Can't wait to get a glimpse into Annie's heart from so far away over this cutesy, pink page! <3