Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Introducing: Letters Between Friends

Hello Graciouspace Friends,

I am so excited to bring this blog into a new season where I believe it will be useful. Rachel Black, my dear friend from Westmont, and I will be using this blog as a medium of letter writing - where we share what's going on in our minds and hearts in the different phases of life we are each going through.

Rachel is a bright and lovely, God-fearing and wise, appropriately silly and serious, beautiful young woman, who I have had the pleasure of walking alongside for the past 4 years. Rach, take it away!

As image-bearers of the triune God I believe there's both an external calling and an internal drive to connect with others, create new things, and cultivate a life of purpose. The idea for Annie and I to write 'letters' to each other in the form of blog posts came from a desire to reimagine those three aspects of life in an intentional way. We joked about a blog, seriously talked about a blog, prayed about a blog, and finally here we are!

While sharing personal letters between friends on a public forum may seem a bit odd, we hope to promote a sense of honesty and vulnerability with ourselves, with each other, and with you all. I think I can speak for Annie as well when I say we are so excited for this transition/adventure, and pray these snapshots of life and musings on its craziness are as much a blessing to you as they are to us!

-- Annie & Rachel

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