Friday, June 27, 2014

Exploring new avenues in Uganda.

My heart has been shocked into several new ways of thinking about myself and my surroundings, and most vibrantly, my faith.  As I have walked the red-dirt roads of Lugazi, held the hands of orphans, colored pictures for classrooms, and dived into deep concepts of love, worship, and service with my amazing team, God has shown Himself to me in ways I have never experienced before.
I feel God in a louder, more clear, and confident way here in Uganda.  Without the pressures of Western society, I allow myself to be swept into the Jesus-loving culture around me.  Church is never about holding to a schedule or the insecurities of individuals.  People are open about their struggles and do not feel the need to have a façade.  If God wants to love the ugly sinner out of us why don’t we lay it open to His eyes, honestly and humbly?  I don’t need pride, I don’t need security in myself, I need Jesus.  In turn I will have something to boast about and something to remain secure and steadfast in!
God is SO present.  Wind blowing through the offices at the school reminds me that my traveling across the world to color pictures for baby classrooms and dance with children is bringing beauty, love, and kingdom living to this place, and it is not in vain.
Peace is a community thing.  I sense that in America, myself included, people tend to seek peace inside themselves and stop there.  The Beatitudes in Matthew 6 is where Jesus speaks about those he will bless.  He includes peacemakers among the list of the gentle and pure in heart.  Do I want those around me to experience peace? But moreover, do I want us together to have peace? To be without worry? To be okay on the inside?
My heart of compassion is being refined in Fire to seek this kind of peace with those around me.
I am learning so much about my identity in Christ and that it relies solely on what Jesus did on the cross.  I am in covenant relationship with Him and I am better together with my God.  He sees me as spotless and I am washed clean.  I want to share this truth with others who feel stuck in sin and in their own filth.  O dearly Beloved, God will never leave you in your own ways.  He will uproot you and show you a new place where you can grow at the pace of grace.

Peace, grace, + love,

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