Sunday, July 6, 2014

Mukama Yebazebwe

I pictured mission trips in Africa like those where you come on the scene of a field of starving, hungry, poor children and you are designated a savior to the community.  In a sense I expected it to be as if I was giving them indispensable resources that could not be found or made by anyone but me.  The reality is much more complicated and much less focused on service and the role of servanthood and much more simply magnifying of God’s love.  Because the truth is, in the Suubi home, we are served meals first, we sit in special seats near the front at church, and feel close to royalty as children and teachers alike treat us incredibly well.  As we walk to the school or church what fills the silence is nearly 20 little children shouting, “Muzungu!”.  This makes the “work” that we hope to accomplish for them seem so little in exchange for the constant outpour of love that we feel.
And we are shocked into the reality of God’s love for us, for this world, and all we can do is bask in that love.  All we can do is receive that love and allow it to permeate in and through us until it seeps into all that we attempt to do for His glory and honor and praise.

Forever Amen

p.s. I went on a safari the past two days and all I have to say is that God is one creative genius.
p.p.s. I cried when I met eyes with a giraffe for the first time.

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