Saturday, August 9, 2014

the golden thread that puts us together

It has taken me some time to fully absorb and marinate all the takeaways that were packed into this summer.  Oh what a beautiful season it has been.  Thank you Jesus.  Here’s my synopsis so far:

My first time in Uganda was an experience that I will never forget and never will be able to compare to any other experience in my life.  I am in awe of God’s goodness that He would love and care for my heart so much to allow me to go on such a trip where I was shown His purely redemptive Love for His Creation.  Not only was I exposed to a radical and transformative Love, but I also was able to see that love fill me, change my heart, and heal my spirit from burdens and strongholds I had carried with me on the plane to Uganda and was freed from during my time there.  As I walk through the remaining weeks of summer, I continue to see new seasons of refreshment and healing as I press in to the Lord. 

Jesus has revealed so much to me this summer about meaning, purpose, and calling.  These fancy, elaborate, and sometimes stress-inducing words are meant to be endearing treasures to seek and find. 
“I’d always sensed my treasure might be locked away in a chest on the other side of the world, but perhaps right in front of our faces, just needing recognition.  It existed because I existed.  Before I was born, along with a crowning inheritance.  My treasure was there all along, even before I knew to search for it.” (Freefall to Fly by Rebekah Lyons, page 187)
What a comforting thing it is to know that God has given our hearts burdens, fears, desires, and gifts that uniquely and purposefully formulate our meaning.  That what we are doing, and where we are, and who we are, is on purpose.  I want to continue to seek out this treasure of mine. 

I also learned from this book and throughout this summer’s experiences that anxiety often occurs in the absence of one’s sense of meaning and purpose.  When we don’t know what we are to do—what we are meant to do—in the big and small, we sway back and forth on our feet looking and yearning desperately for direction.  My dear readers, I want you to know that you are Known.  That those fears, those worries, even that anxiety based upon a premature desire for meaning, are KNOWN.  And God is patiently and pursuingly (I just made that a word) waiting for you to withhold and open the treasure inside of you and in front of you.  Let’s find Him in the daily moments: when we become anxious with needing to schedule out the day or schedule out our life (college probs) and let’s pause in acknowledgement that it is all because of Him that we can experience meaning.  Then—walk in it Beloved!  Move those beautiful and anointed feet of yours. And God is there to further reveal to us that treasure of ours.  He’s weaving some golden thread through all those gaps in life that we can’t seem to make sense of, and assuring us that, yes—that too—I did for your good and My Glory, Annie.

For me personally, one of the things I have learned about myself in opening and exploring my treasure is this:
Beauty, grace, and love can be found when I, in vulnerability, quiet my own agenda to be present and open to those around me.

So what is it that you—and you alone—were Created to do? It’s not a fearful unknown to shut out of sight or be afraid of, it’s a lovely mystery to uncover and embrace, my friends. 

Join me in the discovery and the undoing that is this spark of life.

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