Sunday, October 19, 2014

my first blog series: "The Light"

Hello friends!
I have chosen to do a series of blogs all revolving around the idea of Light.  The Light of the World, God, casts away shadows and brings us to the Truth.  This is especially true and real to me in this particular season of life, and it has become a captivating analogy to help me further fathom who God is.

The Light is fearless, relentless, unstoppable.  The Light "shines in the darkness and the darkness cannot overcome it". I cannot wait to share with you all I am experiencing and realizing as I see Jesus as the Light of my life.

In this series, there are three specific areas I will be focusing and diving more deeply into in the coming weeks:

1. The Light brings us to our Truest selves.
2. The Light brings us to love others from a True heart.
3. The Light illuminates the way before us.

Stay tuned!

Grace + Peace,

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