Monday, March 9, 2015


How is your soul? Is it tired, empty, anxious, and/or fear-filled? It is ok to ask for help. The truth is…none of us has it together. We are all messy, like children playing in mud, and we all need the grace of God to intercede for us. Our weakness and lack are arenas for his grace to run rampant and flow like a river in the wasteland. Lord Jesus come quickly to help me. Come quickly to quench my thirst. I thirst for you. I confess I often search for thirst-quenchers anywhere else but in God’s fullness. I just want to do it myself. I want control. I’ll abuse the earthly remedies you have blessed me with, because I want the outcome of faith, but don’t want to perform the grunt work required. I want to be my own Savior. Christ, thank you for quickly reminding me of your full love, full joy, organic righteousness—found by laying aside my independence and gripping the hand of my faithful friend Jesus: provider, sustainer, and strength of my soul.

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